Abortion hurts women in a profound way

abortion hurts women

By Maggie DeWitte, Executive Director Pulse Life Advocates

Since Roe v. Wade, abortion has taken the lives of over 65 million of our preborn brothers and sisters.  But also, in the wake of that tragedy, it has wounded 65 million women and countless men, siblings, grandparents and other family members.  Abortion hurts women in a profound way, and it has contributed to a society of walking wounded; women hurting and in need of healing from their abortion decision.

We need only talk to those involved in post-abortive counseling to understand the deep physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain these women endure because of their abortion decision.

A women chooses abortion for a variety of reasons.  But more times than not, she feels she has no other option.  She doesn’t have the support of her family, is lied to by the abortion industry that this is a quick fix with no consequences.

In many instances she is pressured by the father of the baby.

SHE is a victim of abortion.

SHE needs our compassion and support.

SHE needs help and healing.

Pulse Life Advocates has been a leader in the pro-life movement for over 50 years.  Each and every day is spent trying to create a culture of life.  It’s to save babies AND save mothers.  We love them both!

The pro-life movement is pro-woman.  As such, we will not support any legislation that would criminalize women.

We need to advance laws that protect unborn children and do not harm women, which is why Pulse Life Advocates withdrew support for HF2256 upon learning that it criminalizes women.

[Pulse supports women before and after a baby is born. Mark your calendar for our April 14th WOMEN OF WORTH Music Event and help us help even more babies and their moms.]