NFP Is Empowering

The reproductive system is an amazing creation. With NFP, you learn how it works and then put that knowledge to work in managing pregnancy, all without the use of unhealthy contraception that can make you sick.

You will work with an NFP coach who will give you and your spouse all the knowledge and techniques you need. This natural health system empowers people by taking control of their fertility and making decisions based on their biological markers. It is a cooperative system that works with a woman’s fertility, instead of against it.

“Natural law says that if you want things to prosper, you have to use them in accord with their nature…The Church has said human sexuality has a certain nature and unless you live in accord with that nature, chaos will result…What is the purpose and meaning and nature of sexual intercourse?  It seems to me to be quite clear.  It’s for two things.  It’s for babies and bonding.” 

- Smith, Janet. Contraception: Why Not? December 17, 2020 

NFP is empowering