Great News! The MOMS bill passed.

Iowa Moms BillThe Iowa More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) Act will ensure that every pregnant woman in Iowa has access to meaningful assistance and support when she needs it most.

When faced with a crisis pregnancy, many women fear if they choose life for their baby they won’t be able to find needed social services, family support, and financial resources. This initiative will support these mothers, their babies, and help stabilize their families. It will ensure access to quality prenatal and postpartum care, which will result in healthier pregnancies and birth outcomes. In addition, the Iowa MOMS Act will provide for the material needs of a new mom as well as counseling and educational services.

All women deserve real options and real support. That is why Pulse Life Advocates advocated for the MOMS act and is so thrilled it passed.

14 states support pregnant women and new moms through coordinated, life-affirming assistance programs.

In addition, The Safe Haven Bill in Iowa was extended to 90 days. A mom can drop her newborn infant ( up to 90 days old) at specified locations without any fear of arrest. Previously it was limited to the first 30 days.