The party of ‘Abortion on Demand’

abortion on demandTimes change. Democrats used to bristle at being characterized as the party of ‘abortion on demand.’ Now they embrace it. But their own rank and file party members reject the concept.

As a result, abortion is looming as a pivotal issue in the next election cycle. All current presidential Democratic presidential candidates reject any regulations on human abortion. More, they insist that the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of public monies for abortion, be rolled back.

A moderate Democrat?

The single “moderate” voice among the Democratic candidates is Joe Biden. Mr. Biden has always asserted he is pro-life while caving on one pro-life position after another, most recently the Hyde Amendment.

What we’re left with is an entire political party that aggressively promotes taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, even though a majority that identify as Democrat reject the extremism of the position.

A shocking shift in the polls

In fact, a Marist Poll released in February of this year revealed that only 22% of Democrats said abortion should be “available to a woman at any time during pregnancy,” compared to but 4% for Republicans.

Even more, 64% of Democrats embrace serious restrictions on human abortion in one form or another. Only 22% believe in abortion on demand.

Ironically, Democratic leadership’s pro-abortion leftward lurch has had the exact opposite effect on the public. The same Marist Poll revealed a 17 point swing on the issue in a single month, between January and February this year.

In January of 2019, only 38% of Americans identified as ‘pro-life.’

But in February, 55% said they were pro-life. What happened? A number of things:

Americans repelled by Democrats’ embrace of infanticide

Ultimately, a growing segment of our population became repelled at the thought of politicians coming within an inch of embracing infanticide, and the backlash is apparent in the polls.

In another earlier survey conducted by PRRI, a majority of African-American and Hispanic Americans believe abortion is “morally wrong.”

Abortion on demand bothers most Americans. It’s a political loser according to polls. This single issue may decide the next election.