For the sake of our families and country, let us love those with whom we disagree

By Mary Beth Beacom

love speaks the truthTo counteract the current pressure to divide families and communities, I don’t think we can state this truth often enough: we can love, and love abundantly, those with whom we do not agree.

“Acceptance” cannot be a litmus test. Disagreement is not hate – and if it is, then each side of the disagreement hates – and we know that’s not true.

Love continues to speak the truth.

Our identity comes from our unique dignity afforded to us by our very creation as a distinct human being – not by the sum of our activities, our wounds, and even our achievements do not “make us who we are”.

We are especially not defined by a series of things we reject or accept. It’s unjust to make caricatures of ourselves, or one another, thereby objectifying , and ultimately reducing our humanity.

We allow rhetoric to divide us, and let’s be clear, there are many entities which profit, and therefore encourage, that division. That doesn’t mean for a moment that we back down from the truth, but it also means we have to be be vigilant, that we do not feed the monster.

[Thanks to pro-life warrior, Mary Beth Beacom, for sharing this reflection on family and national unity.]