Would you sell your soul for an abortion?

sell your soulThe Roman Catholic Church recognizes abortion as a grave sin. They are not alone. A broad swath of non-Catholic churches agree. One that disagrees with the Catholics is a Satanic temple in New Mexico, which offers to perform ‘Satanic Abortion Ceremonies’ for you, which raises the question: would you sell your soul for an abortion?

In a reflection of the depths to which the secular culture has fallen, Cosmopolitan Magazine touted Satanic abortion ceremonies on their social media outlets.

As background, Cosmo is published in 35 different languages and distributed in 100 different countries, targeting women 18 to 34. In other words, they target those in the child-bearing years (or prime abortion years, for those peddling abortions).

Not a fringe rag

This isn’t a fringe rag, it’s a mainstream publication with a lot of influence on women with its urban, cosmopolitan vibe. It is the largest womens magazine in North America.

Their social media post asks:

“So how dos a Satanic abortion ceremony even work? Patients of all faiths are welcome at Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic in New Mexico. Along with medical counsel, TST offers a free ceremonial supper to everyone. Abortion ceremonies are totally optional — and customizable.”

The social media posting provides a link to a full article in their online magazine.

Each page of the posting displays an upside down cross, displaying contempt for Christianity’s most sacred symbol, and meant to represent evil and attract dark forces.

The TST’s marketing goes on to state that:

“One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s will alone.”

How Christianity differs

Remember Protestant pastor Rick Warren’s best-selling book years ago, “The Purpose-Drive Life?” His first sentence captured the essence of Christianity: “It’s not about you.” In other words, Christianity is about selfless, sacrificial love.

Needless to say, Satanists disagree, proclaiming it IS all about you just as Planned Parenthood has maintained since well before the Roe v Wade decision.

Abortion is an act of supreme selfishness that separates participants from Christ, that is, it’s a mortal sin.

Pew Research Center listed the following summary of religious groups that oppose abortion rights with few or no exceptions:

  • African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Assemblies of God
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-day Saints
  • Hinduism
  • Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Southern Baptist Convention

As you might guess, members of these churches are less likely to read Cosmo than coastal elites.

Pulse became aware of Cosmo’s promotion of Satanic abortion ceremonies thanks to reporting by the Epoch Times. You can watch their video on the topic by clicking this link.

Why does this matter?

  1. Abortion is evil. Satanism embraces evil. Cosmopolitan magazine is mainstreaming evil.
  2. The Satanic Temple is recognized as a tax-exempt religious organization by the IRS. They believe their abortion ceremonies are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. They want to create a religious loophole to enable women to get abortions, even in states that prohibit or only narrowly allow abortion in extreme circumstances. In other words, women professing membership in the Satanic Temple can claim that the abortion ceremony is part of their religion and protected by the Constitution. Even if they don’t believe in Satan, they have sold their souls in the name of abortion.
  3. More women (and men who pressure women into abortion) will go to Hell.

A horrific temptation

Cosmopolitan’s promotion of the Satanic Abortion Ceremonies is a horrific temptation for women in crisis pregnancies. They think abortion is an easy way out. It’s not. Not only is a unique human being killed in a grotesque act of violence, to sell one’s soul has eternal consequences.

Let us end on two positive notes:

  1. Have you had an abortion? If yes, abortion is a forgivable sin in the Roman Catholic Church through the beautiful sacrament of reconciliation. And loving groups, such as Rachel’s Vineyard provide a “safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion.”
  2. You’re not alone. The pro-life movement has worked tirelessly to create a wide range of resources for women in crisis pregnancies. Our website lists a ton of them here. For a list of Unplanned Pregnancy Resource Centers in Iowa, click here.

Loving help awaits you. Don’t wait. God has endowed you with an eternal soul of inestimable worth. Please, don’t sell yours for an abortion.

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