The dehumanization of the fetus continues

dehumanization of the fetusJust as slaves and Jews were dehumanized to justify stripping them of human rights, the dehumanization of the fetus continues from every conceivable corner of America.

The latest dehumanizing effort comes from the medical community. A lecture in a University of California San Diego School of Medicine course, Evolution of Human Disease, characterized the human fetus as a “legitimate parasite.”

As you can see in the screen grab above, the professor characterizes a fetus as a “cancer:”

“The fetus: a legitimate parasite:

rapidly grows


manipulates immunity of mother

reshapes blood vessels.

The cancer: crashes the party!!!

rapidly grows


manipulates immunity

reshapes blood vessels.”

Of course, the difference is that the fetus is creative while cancer is destructive. Yet the prof uses words like “parasite”, “invades,” and “manipulates” to suggest the fetus is someone negative.

After receiving some pushback, the professor defended his approach:

“Most of you probably realize that my point was to show that mammals are especially prone to invasive cancers because mammals evolved invasive placentation. My point was not to indoctrinate you with the notion that fetuses are cancers, as insinuated in the article.”

Whatever his intentions, the student was correct to expose this latest toxic use of the language to dehumanize the unborn.