Will Biden declare Martial Law against pro-lifers?

Holocaust MuseumBy Maggie Dewitte

I just returned from another impactful March for Life in Washington DC.  I took my 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son with me.  I brought my daughter to visit the Holocaust Museum after the March.  I knew she would be just like me when I visited the first time; we spent a solid three hours in which Abi absorbed every word, picture and video.

As we whispered in-between exhibits, I talked about the many parallels between the Holocaust and the fight for our unborn brothers and sisters.  I have often wondered what people will think about as they look back at this time in history as we looked back in time to the Holocaust and wondered how such an atrocity could occur.

These thoughts linger as I read a news report in Axios yesterday regarding the Biden administration and their obsession to kill unborn children.  The piece reports that the president is being encouraged by his party to declare a public health emergency to get around pro-life regulations and boost abortion access.

The Twilight Zone?

Their desire to declare a ‘public health emergency’ over abortion honestly reminds me of a show I used to watch:

“A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.  Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

The safest place in the world should be the womb; instead, it has become a battle ground in which pregnancy is seen as a disease and ‘healthcare’ has become abortion, which has nothing to do with health and everything to do with death.

A declaration of a martial law decree?

Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life assessed the move with the clarity which so defines the pro-life perspective:

“Biden’s abortion obsessed administration wants to basically declare Martial Law to take control of our society with the same health care regulations used to control Americans during the height of the COVID crisis. This is an abuse of a process that was created to SAVE lives, not end them.”

Is pregnancy a disease?

Pulse Life Advocates concurs with Students for Life that pregnancy is not a disease. Says Hawkins:

“Even so, we saw how the regulations were abused, and used against Americans, when it really was a health issue being debated. But pregnancy is not a disease and its fake cure is not abortion. The best healthcare in the world should be used to see both mother and child safely cared for and loved. Violating people’s rights of conscience to push abortion in all 50 states using the thuggish tactics of Biden weaponized HHS and DOJ will be opposed with all our resources. We are already taking steps to address this.”

The Holocaust museum showed how the Third Reich simply issued a decree to assume legislative powers following a fire which destroyed part of the German Parliament, the Reichstag, on February 27, 1933. Here is their account:

“Hitler immediately accused the Communists, an opposition party, of setting the blaze, and he issued an emergency decree that allowed him to crush political opposition. This decree became the basis of the Nazi police state, and would remain in effect until 1945.

On March 23, a Nazi-dominated parliament voted to transfer all legislative powers to Hitler’s cabinet. After this Enabling Act, the parliament would serve merely as a rubber stamp. Finally, all political organizations except the Nazi party were banned, on July 14. The one-party state was thus established within six months of Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor.”

Roe v Wade and the Holocaust

Some reading this account surely bristle at any comparison between the Third Reich and modern American politics. And yet the impact of Biden’s martial law on the rights of the unborn far exceeds the scope of the Nazi’s final solution, which killed a staggering 6,636,235 human beings for the crime of being Jews. By contrast, Roe v Wade ushered in an abortion era which killed 64 million human beings for the crime of being inconvenient.

A Biden martial law decree will ensure that the death toll from human abortion will once again spike in the U.S. after decades of decline.

“Pro-abortion extremism”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, was even more pointed in her reaction to the specter of a martial law type of decree from the president:

“They think allowing more Americans to be born is a crisis, and the only solution is ending those lives through abortion for any reason up until birth. Their latest scheme would result in taxpayer-funded abortion on demand across the country with no protections whatsoever for unborn children or their mothers – including dangerous mail-order abortion drugs that put women at risk of serious complications. 

Democrats’ pro-abortion extremism knows no bounds.”

Sadly we are not living in the Twilight Zone. All of this is really happening. Pulse is fighting back in dozens of ways. Just today, I again testified at a sub committee hearing at the Capitol.

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