Be The Solution


Gabrielle Parkhurst

Gabrielle Parkhurst

What does being pro life mean to me? It means bringing a solution to the endless amount of black women getting abortions everyday. When I think of being pro life, I can’t stop at just making sure a woman considering an abortion has the baby and then move on. I want to make sure she is also taken care of. I often think of the phrase ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child and I truly believe that. I want to bring solutions to the table to show the woman that she does have choices other than ending the life of her child. 

In the midst of the rise of Black Lives Matter, something that never sat right with me on the issue was how we can march, protest and riot over certain issues, but never  discuss the number one killer of Black people in America, which is abortion.

That we defend such a racist platform as Planned Parenthood’s which, was created to slow the black population down from creating young kings and queens because we were seen as an inconvenience to the world, blows me away.

Our leaders and ancestors have fought way too hard for our freedom and for the future of our children for us to sit by and continue to watch millions of innocent lives be taken.

We need to help uplift these women and make them feel like they are  more than just a statistic and to know their baby is not a burden. We need to rally in our churches and create a safe haven for those that are lost and be the light they can run to in hard times.

We do not need to shun, ridicule or judge these women in their darkest moments, but be the light at the end of their darkest time in life and show love, hope and a way to be filled with joy in knowing that her and the child will be okay.

Many people might wonder what they can do to be a part of the solution. Please consider:

Volunteering at your local pro-life ministry.

Start a pro-life ministry.

Get involved with foster care.

Become a Guardian Ad litem.

Demand more from your government officials. Beyond anything else, pray for these women and children. Be the solution and make a difference in these women’s lives so that when we discuss Black Lives Matter, we are including the unborn black lives: the biggest victim of all.


[Thanks to Gabrielle Parkhurst for submitting her essay to IFL as part of our Black Voices on Black Lives series. She lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with her husband. She is the founder of New Horizon Fellowship , which is a pro-life ministry aimed at protecting the women and children in her community.]