Black and Brown Pro-lifers: Stand Up and Raise Your Voices!


Whitney Smith McIntosh


The intention of this series, Black Voices on Black Lives, was to give voice to black pro-life peoples’ stories.  The majority of pro-life individuals are white, and they are fighting for the lives of black, brown, and white children.  We all know the statistics: black, brown, and poor people are the target of Planned Parenthood.   Practically as many black, brown, and poor unborn babies are killed as born due to abortion.  The majority of the Planned Parenthood clinics are in predominantly black or poor neighborhoods. While the statistics are well known, the personal stories are not.

Thanks to this series, we have moved beyond statistics and the project of the pro-life movement to individual real-life people.

Life-loving, affirming, and respecting people

I have learned to always say yes when God puts an idea on my heart.  He knows the path, I just need to follow.

This series was inspired and guided by God.  When God set the idea in my head I realized I only knew 4 black pro-life people.  God led me to the others He always knows what He is doing.  He led me to other people who were pro-life and isolated.  We have assembled a group of black, brown, and black adjacent writers who have formed a family.  This family proves to each of us that we are not alone and that there are others out there who think as we do, who pray to the same God that we pray to,  and who value life and family and children.

We are out here, and it is time for us to speak!  It is time for us all to stand up and speak out!  Be strong for your fellow pro-lifer. YOU are not alone. Black and Brown pro-lifers, stand up!

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