Abortion is violent

abortion is violentThe act of killing a living human being in the womb is grotesquely violent. Proponents justify the violence in the name of rights of the mother at the expense of the rights of the unborn child. Since the Dobbs decision was leaked earlier this year, we can see that even the politics of abortion is violent.

Tracking the violence

Catholic Vote tracks the political violence of pro-abortion groups. Since May, these abortion zealots have attacked 66 women’s pregnancy resource centers and offices, including two attacks in Des Moines.

Two domestic terror groups, Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us, have taken ‘credit’ for these attacks.

In addition, 72 Catholic churches have been attacked since May, bringing the total number of attacks on Catholic churches to 210 since May 28th, 2020. The attacks have focused on damaging Catholic churches as opposed to theft. Damage includes:

  • arson
  • destruction of historic churches
  • spray painting and graffiti of satanic messages (interesting how Satanism correlates with abortion)
  • windows broken by rocks and bricks
  • statues destroyed, often with heads cut off.

Violence is anti-life

The pro-life movement opposes violence to women and their babies wrought by abortion, as well as the destruction and defacement of property, whether inflicted by pro-abortion or pro-life advocates.

Pulse Life Advocates calls on federal law enforcement agencies to track down  the perpetrators of these attacks on Catholic churches which stretches across 39 states thus far, and 29 states for women’s pregnancy centers. To be clear, these pro-abortion groups proudly threaten violence with threats like:

“If abortion aint (sic) safe you aint (sic) safe” as you can see in the photo above.

So far, no one has been brought to justice. President Joe Biden, who identifies as a Catholic, tells the violent abortion protestors to

“keep protesting, keep making your point.”

By contrast, when churches were under attack in the 1960s, another Catholic president, John Kennedy, quickly labeled the violence as “cowardly” and “outrageous.” He said :

“As soon as we’re able to find out who did it, we’ll arrest them.”

Thanks to Catholic Vote for running ads like the one below, calling the most pro-abortion president in history and a politicized FBI to account. Abortion is violent. If the FBI doesn’t bring people to justice for these attacks, the violence will continue to spread and people (in and out of the womb) will get hurt.