Vote Pro-Life in tomorrow’s Mayor race

Des Moines mayor's race

Josh Mandelbaum, pro-abortion mayor candidate

The Des Moines mayor’s race will be determined by the abortion issue. As we’ve written before, candidate Josh Mandelbaum has made abortion a central issue of his campaign, promoting an agenda which would transform Des Moines into a sanctuary city for abortion.

Although his chief rival, Connie Boesen, is pro-abortion rights, she reiterates that it is not an appropriate issue for the Des Moines city council and should be left to the state legislature.

Just two days ago, he boasted that he worked closely with Planned Parenthood in writing proposed abortion policy which would strip away rights of unborn babies in Des Moines. He wrote:

“When it comes to reproductive rights in this race, there’s a real difference between me and my opponent. But don’t just take it from me, read what Planned Parenthood has to say about the race.”

And here is what Planned Parenthood has to say about Mandelbaum:

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa today issued the following statement regarding the Des Moines mayoral candidates’ stance on protecting the reproductive rights of the people voting for them:

“Since the fall of Roe, reproductive freedom has become a key issue in elections across the country.  From federal to state to local races, Planned Parenthood supporters are demanding their elected officials be clear about their positions on sexual and reproductive health.  The Des Moines mayoral race is no different.

“Unfortunately, as the mayoral election nears its final days, the events surrounding a City Council resolution in support of bodily autonomy introduced in October 2022 by Councilmember Josh Mandelbaum have been misrepresented.  Mandelbaum worked in close coordination with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa to update a proposed resolution to reflect meaningful policy to lawfully protect the reproductive freedoms of Des Moines residents and city staff. When the resolution was brought before the Council for consideration, Councilmember Connie Boesen was the second to a motion by Councilman Joe Gatto to dismiss the resolution without discussion. This vote shut down the effort to act within the city’s authority to protect abortion rights and is a matter of public record.

“When it comes to protecting our freedoms, every level of government matters.  It’s not enough to wait on action from the very state government that continually violates Iowans’ freedoms. Municipal governments ought to use any means available to defend the rights of their residents and staff. In this moment, no politician who calls themselves pro-choice gets a pass on protecting bodily autonomy. We appreciate the proactive leadership demonstrated through this resolution and remain disappointed that a majority of the Council chose not to support the rights of their constituents when presented the opportunity to do so.”

To be sure we all understand the primacy of this issue in the Des Moines mayor’s race, Mandelbaum emphasized the point:

“… there’s no question about it, abortion rights are on the ballot in Des Moines this November [7th].”

Pulse Life Advocates encourages pro-lifers everywhere to spread the word. A mayor Josh Mandelbaum who promotes a policy of death would destroy the livability of this great city.

[Big abortion has their tentacles everywhere, even the Des Moines mayor’s race. Help us continue to promote sanctity of life throughout Iowa. Donate to our pro-life educational outreach today.]