This is the year you need to stand tall at the Life Chain

Life Chain

You never know who you’ll see at the Life Chain!

Abortion zealots are loud and profane. You have an opportunity to diffuse their invective with quiet prayer at the Life Chain 2021. Mark these details in your calendar today:


DATE: October 3, 2021

TIME: 2 to 3:3o PM

PLACE: St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, corner of Merle Hay and University to pick up your sign (in their West parking lot). People can spread out all along Merle Hay all the way to Douglas.

The Life Chain 2021 provides you with a prayerful opportunity to stand up for society’s most vulnerable people, the unborn, in the public square.

You can no longer afford to stay on the sidelines. The party of Big Abortion wants to gut the Hyde Amendment and pass the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act and/or Medicare for All. Either piece of legislation would usher in an era of unfettered taxpayer-funded abortions for the full nine months of a pregnancy, accompanied by an end to conscience protections for principled doctors and nurses who oppose human abortion.

Iowa is at the crossroads

At the state level, Iowa is at the crossroads. We need to continue the push for the Protect Life Amendment. It has passed one legislative session; it needs to pass another before it can go to the people for a vote. The Life Chain lets other pro-lifers driving by realize that they’re not alone. Even more, it is an encouragement to those not fully on board with our pro-life positions, but who nonetheless oppose their party’s push for 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion at taxpayer expense.

If Roe v Wade was actually struck down next year, Iowa would be unaffected. The Protect Life Amendment simple makes the Iowa Constitution abortion-neutral, allowing you, via your elected legislators, the power to regulate human abortion.

All of this leads us back to the Life Chain 2021. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our movement depends on prayerful people standing tall in the public square on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters. Nothing demonstrates pro-life solidarity and courage better than the Life Chain.

Mark your calendar. Bring friends and neighbors. You’ll make new friends. Make a difference. Don’t worry if you can’t stay for the duration. Give the Life Chain whatever time works for your schedule.

Thank-you. God will bless you for your prayerful support.

[Tickets now on sale for our pro-life Christmas Gala, The Holy Family.]