The “Unplanned” movement spreads!

One-percent of Planned Parenthood employees want out of their jobs after viewing the new movie, “Unplanned.” According to Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director upon whom the movie is based, ninety-four Planned Parenthood workers reached out to her after seeing the movie for help in exiting the industry. The “Unplanned” movement is gaining traction!

In testimony before Congress (shown below), the co-director of the film, Chuck Konzelman, said that represents just about one percent of PP’s employees. Impressive!

“Unplanned” is effective

This confirms the reason why the power structure beholden to Planned Parenthood worked overtime to block the film, as we discussed in our previous blogpost. A movie like this is effective in removing the scales that blind so many on what really happens inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

(You’ll note that we are intentionally not using the “A” word, since Facebook will block this post from further promotion if we do, as they blocked our last post.)

What is interesting is that so many need “help” leaving. Doesn’t that sound kind of weird? Iowans for LIFE executive director, Maggie DeWitte, explains:

“Planned Parenthood is a powerful corporation with affiliates in every state. They are united under the banner of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, that dispenses their marching orders. When you leave and go to the other side, you become their enemy, as Abby Johnson discovered.

It’s not like leaving Wells Fargo to go to work at Principal.

And yet women who see this movie understand that they are really not helping other women, they are hurting them.”

An example of a woman hurt by abortion

Professor Steve Byas of Randall University in Norman, Oklahoma, related a story that confirms Maggie’s assertion. He was running for state office and went door-to-door. At one stop, a woman asked his position on the ‘a’ word, and he acknowledged his pro ‘L’ position.

He braced himself for pushback, but didn’t get it. Instead, the woman acknowledged that she had an an ‘a’ when she was seventeen. She had nightmares for the next ten years. Only conversion to Christianity helped to heal her, and even that took time.

This website has many more examples.

It’s like rejecting a religion

Maggie DeWitte said a rejection of Planned Parenthood’s ideology is very comparable to a rejection of a religion. Those leaving this “church” run the risk of losing friends and a support group that once bound these women together.

You can see that a movie this honest is going to be highly effective, which explains how PP’s supporters in Hollywood, the media, and social media united in labeling the movie as ‘propaganda,’ in other words, a bunch of lies.

A Google search for the movie initially labeled the movie as “drama/propaganda.”

The headline for the New Statesman American screamed, “Unplanned is anti-‘a’ propaganda. Its success at the box office should scare us all.”

The Hollywood website, Variety, says “Unplanned” isn’t a good movie, but it’s effective propaganda.”

The word was used ad infinitum by the thought police who will go to the mat for Planned Parenthood. And yet, if the movie is a lie, why would so many workers in their clinics reach out to Abby Johnson for help exiting their jobs?

Because they know it’s true. They work in such a clinic. They’ve seen everything portrayed in the movie in real life.

“Unplanned” is authentic

Yes, a movie like “Unplanned” is so effective because it is so authentic. Ashley Bratcher starred in the movie in the Abbie Johnson role. She was blown away by the response.

“The response has been incredibly positive. I mean, through it all — this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling role I’ve ever had in my entire career. To be able to hear someone come up to you and say, ‘I was so affected by your work that I decided instead of having an abortion, that I’m now going to have my child’ — I don’t know how to really explain the way that feels to know that you could potentially just have saved a life.”

Abby Johnson said “Unplanned” is more than just a movie:

“I feel like this movie is not just a movie. It really is sort of creating a movement. We want to get people plugged in. We want to rally around the people that are changing their minds.”

The “Unplanned” movement reaches Iowa

"Unplanned" movement


The impact of “Unplanned” is felt right here in Iowa. Iowans for LIFE heard from Iowa State student, Serena Hilton, with this email:

“A few weeks ago, the movie Unplanned came out and a friend and I had the opportunity to assemble a group through Students For Life of America to go see the movie during opening weekend. Our group had about 25 Iowa State Students who are involved in the St. Thomas Aquinas community (above).

The movie was absolutely honest and heartbreaking. It opened our eyes to a lot of the sickening manipulation that is happening at Planned Parenthood, which is really important for people to see.

When the credits started rolling at the end of the movie, everyone in the theater (which was full!) just sat there for quite a few minutes trying to process everything we’d just seen.

“We prayed”

The credits were practically finished by the time our group started to stand up and hug each other as we were all feeling a bit emotional. Not knowing what else to do, we stood in a circle in the movie theater and prayed. It for sure helped me feel some peace after seeing the movie, and it felt good to be surrounded by such a supportive and loving community of people. 

The movie stirred up a fire to take more action in my Pro-Life stance. I am currently doing a design project about it. We are supposed to put together a few articles revolving around any topic and present the text in a visually interesting way, so I’m stirring the pot a little in my studio by making my articles about ‘a’.

Tonight, for National Prayer Day, we are trying to assemble a group to pray outside of Planned Parenthood, like people are doing all across the country. I will admit I’m nervous to be so public, but then I remember why it’s important that I am.” 

Abby Johnson said that on days when people were praying outside the Planned Parenthood clinic she directed, ‘business’ dropped way off.

Thanks to “Unplanned,” Iowa State students are being galvanized to make a positive difference in their community by saving human life through prayer.

You’ve got to see this film if you haven’t done so yet. It’s creating a movement.