Maggie DeWitte reacts to breaking news on the future of Roe


Maggie DeWitte at the Capital

I can hardly put into words all the thoughts and emotions that are going through my mind and heart at learning of the real possibility that the US Supreme Court has ruled to overturn the egregious Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in our country.

For nearly fifty years, Pulse Life Advocates and pro-life groups across the country have fought for the rights and protections of our unborn brothers and sisters.  We have lost nearly 65 million during these fifty years.  The loss of life is unconscionable.

Yet, we never gave up.  We never gave in.  We never stopping fighting and praying and educating.  And now we might finally see the rewards of this long battle.

For many states across the country, this will be the end of abortion.  Upon the fall of Roe, abortion law goes back to the individual states.  Many states have laws on the books that state that when Roe is overturned, abortion will be illegal in their state.

In Iowa, as we have shared with you for the last several years, abortion will unfortunately continue.  Because of the 2018 Iowa Supreme Court ruling that stated we have a fundamental right to abortion in our Iowa Constitution, we must pass our Protect Life Amendment next legislative session to undo this ruling.  Otherwise, we could see Iowa become an abortion mecca as women from states with abortion outlawed travel to our state to end the life of their unborn child.

We must pray for the justices on the US Supreme Court as they will certainly be attacked and their lives threatened by this opinion.  And we will continue to work.  Abortion will never completely go away, because of our fallen world.  We will need to redouble our efforts to support the many pro-life pregnancy clinics across Iowa and continue to work to change hearts and minds.

[Maggie DeWitte is Executive Director of Pulse Life Advocates. Pulse needs your financial support more than ever as the fight for Life seems to be moving back to the States. Support life: make your gift today. Thank-you.]