Abortion is a human rights issue

If you’ve ever read some of the placards on display at abortion rights rallies, you’ve bound to have seen the one that says:

“keep your rosaries off my ovaries.”

Amazon even sells T-shirts with the slogan, as you can see above.

Iowans for LIFE asked some pro-life Catholic women (a phrase which should be redundant, but sadly isn’t) for their reactions.

Maggie, a mother of 4, refutes its entire premise:

abortion is a human rights issue

“This quote is trying to imply that religion has nothing to do with the abortion argument. Religious views can play a big part in how someone determines their belief system. But the abortion issue is much more than just a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. 

We legislate morality all the time. We say it’s wrong to rape, we say it’s wrong to murder; and in that same way we say also it is wrong to kill an unborn child in your womb. 

But as a Catholic, mother of four, and a pro-life activist, the rosary is a prayerful devotion that carries great meaning for me personally. The idea that Mary, the mother of Christ, can and does intercede for me to her Son is very comforting. She is the greatest role model of what it means to be a mother, to suffer and sacrifice for your children, and follow God‘s will. So for me, I not only want Mary all over my ovaries, but every organ in my being and every part of my entire life. Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us!”

Alex, a working mother with 2 small children, talks about the danger such a mindset poses to one’s very soul:

“My initial reaction is how abhorrent and vile, but then I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that we are to be forgiving and compassionate. We should pray for the conversion of people who support abortion, for abortion workers, for the neutral even.  

Living under the premise that this is a fantasy world and there will be no consequences to our choices and actions, that sin can simply be erased in the blink of an eye because of how we feel about something at any given moment, is dangerous for the soul. 

We need to have standards to hold ourselves up to, namely those values that the church gives us, the words that Jesus spoke and was crucified for.  We need to thank God that we have been given the gift of faith and pray for the conversion of those who have not yet recognized it, made all more powerful through praying the rosary to our Blessed Mother.”

Ironically, what the abortion proponents often don’t understand is that these prayers are loving, targeted towards those affected by abortion at all levels. That’s the point made by Jean, mother of 3 and grandmother of 2:

“When we pray the rosary outside of abortion facilities we are praying for:

The child within – the unique human being created at conception.

The woman who is considering abortion – that she choose life instead.

The woman who will suffer emotionally and spiritually from the loss of her child – that she knows that she will be supported, healed and forgiven.

The father of the child within – that he takes responsibility for the life that was created.

The family and friends of the child within – that they can be supportive and loving.

The abortion workers who participate directly or indirectly with taking a life – that they find honorable work in health care or their chosen field.

The many caring organizations that support life and women in crisis – that those women in crisis seek their true help.

One of the first things that came to mind was: “Try it, you’ll like it”. The Rosary must be working for them to mention it specifically. When I pray the Rosary for the women contemplating an abortion, those who have had an abortion, and the babies aborted, I ask God and the Blessed Mother to envelope them into their loving arms and cradle them with the love only a Mother knows.”

Jean quoted a few Catholic sages to underscore exactly what the Rosary is all about:

The Rosary is the best therapy for these distraught, unhappy, fearful, and frustrated souls, precisely because it involves the simultaneous use of three powers: the physical, the vocal, and the spiritual, and in that order.”

-Archbishop Fulton Sheen

And another: 

Say the Holy Rosary. Blessed be that monotony of Hail Mary’s which purifies the monotony of your sins!”

-St. Josemaria Escriva

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” -Saint Padre Pio