Kamala Harris’ plan to shut down the pro-life movement

Kamala Harris’ plan to shut down the pro-life movementKamala Harris is the most significant vice presidential candidate pick since Harry Truman was selected as Franklin Roosevelt’s running mate in 1944.

Then …

Then, party operatives knew that FDR’s health was in serious decline and that there was a good chance he wouldn’t be able to complete his fourth term. The sitting vice president, Henry Wallace, had strong socialist sympathies, and these same operatives feared his progressive leanings would cost them at the ballot box. Thus, the more moderate Truman was selected over Wallace, and as feared, Roosevelt died in office elevating Truman to the presidency just 82 days after being sworn in as vice president.

Now …

Now, Joe Biden would be the oldest president ever to serve if elected. He would be 78 years of age when sworn in next January.  By contrast, the previous oldest president was Ronald Reagan who left office at the age of seventy-seven. To complicate matters, Mr. Biden’s mental acuity has become a campaign issue. In a June 29th Rasmussen poll, 38% of responders believe Joe Biden has dementia. He has refused to seriously address voters concerns by taking a cognitive test and releasing results to the voting public, as President Trump has.

In light of these concerns, Mr. Biden’s vice presidential pick looms large. Political operatives on both sides of the aisle are dubious of Mr. Biden’s ability to complete a full term in office. By selecting Ms. Harris, he has bowed to his advisors who viewed the California senator as a more moderate voice than some of his other vice presidential options, such as Elizabeth Warren, Stacey Abrams, or Karen Bass.

Kamala Harris is not moderate on pro-life issues

From Iowans for LIFE’s perspective there is nothing moderate about Ms. Harris when it comes to pro-life issues, as we touched upon yesterday.  What we didn’t cover is Kamala Harris’ plan to shut down the pro-life movement. Citing Iowa as one state of many that have passed laws protecting the rights of the unborn person in the womb, Harris would ask Congress to establish a “pre-clearance requirement” on states, like Iowa, that have passed laws abortion advocates don’t like, as you can hear below:

In essence, if a President Harris had her way, Iowa legislators would have to ask the Justice Department to grant us permission to implement the pro-life legislation Iowans demand. Legislators would spin their wheels with these undue burdens, as a Justice Department under any Democratic president would never accede to our request.

Kamala Harris’ pro-abortion style of governance goes beyond that of any other Democratic candidate in this current election cycle. She shifts the burden to states with a legacy of challenging the strictures of Roe v Wade, such as the Hawkeye State.

If this sounds preposterous, it isn’t. The Harris plan would mimic the pre-clearance requirement included in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Pre-clearance neuters the pro-life movement

The pre-clearance requirement neuters the lobbying efforts of pro-life Iowa groups like Iowans for LIFE and the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, of which we are a member. Legislators won’t take up pro-life issues knowing that a Justice Department appointed by a President Harris won’t provide clearance to a single law that regulates human abortion.

As for Joe Biden, he has demonstrated a tragic pliability on every single major social issue of our times. In light of his questionable cognitive abilities, a Vice President Harris may have enough sway to promote her radical plan, even if Biden is a figurehead president.