The two shortest verses in the Bible reveal everything

You heard the two shortest verses in the Bible during Lent: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35), and “What is truth?” (John 18:38).

Let us reflect on the profound implications of these concise verses through the lens of the pro-life movement. They reveal the essence of the Bible.

Why did Jesus weep? Because we matter. His friend Lazarus died because He wasn’t there to heal him. He intentionally held back so He could perform the ultimate miracle: restoring life to the dead, because each life matters to God.

He wept because He was overcome by the anguish of Martha and Mary at the loss of their brother. Their grief deeply affected Him to the point of tears, tears that demonstrated His profound love for His friends. 

Within a week, a beaten and battered Jesus would stand before Pontius Pilate who asks, “What is truth?” Of course, the Roman Governor was oblivious to the fact that the Truth stood before him.

Christ’s coming crucifixion and resurrection revealed that He is fully divine with control over life and death. His tears before Martha and Mary revealed He is fully man.

His physical torture revealed the depth of his profound love for you. Why would a Man-God subject Himself to such horror? Because you matter.

There is such a simple pro-life message in these two shortest sentences in the Bible:

  1. “Jesus wept.” Why? Because you matter.
  2. “What is Truth?” That you matter.

Scripture makes it clear we were made in God’s image, that we are His creation. In that light, how could anyone who professes to love God tolerate or promote abortion?

Our dignity is a birthright at the instant of fertilization until our natural death. Any compromise at either end of the arc of our life is a crime against God.

The meaning is all there in five words divided into two sentences in the Gospel of John: You matter. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.