Here is what Pulse will say at tonight’s City Council meeting

Des Moines City Hall

Des Moines City Hall

As we wrote we wrote last week, Des Moines City Councilman, Josh Mandelbaum, is trying to slip a pro-abortion proposal onto the City Council’s agenda. Pulse got wind of it and will attend tonight’s meeting in opposition to his proposal. We’ve heard that speakers aren’t going to be allowed. But if the opportunity arises, here is what we will say:

Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte’s remarks:

Maggie DeWitte

IFL Executive Director, Maggie DeWitte

“I am speaking in response to the proposal that the Des Moines City Council ignore abortion law.  It is a dangerous slippery slope when a city council decides certain laws should be ignored.  What other laws would then be considered? We cannot just ignore laws because we don’t agree with them.  Police Officers have a sworn duty to uphold the law; how can you possibly propose something that would require policy officers to not enforce the law?

This proposal states that reproductive health care is a fundamental human right.  Let’s be clear in that abortion is not healthcare; pregnancy is not a disease and taking a healthy human being from its mother’s womb is never healthcare.

In June of this year, the Iowa Supreme Court corrected the egregious 2018 ruling that had declared a fundamental right to abortion in our Iowa Constitution.  Those judges usurped their authority and tried to create law.  In a similar way, this council is taking up a proposal that is beyond their scope.  This is not an issue for the city council.

We elect legislators to create the law.  It is the duty of law enforcement and other bodies of the government to enforce those laws.  Currently we have a 20-week abortion law in Iowa, as well as parental notification of a minor obtaining an abortion, and that a woman obtaining an abortion must be provided the opportunity to have and view the ultra-sound of her unborn child.  Governor Reynolds has also filed a motion to vacate the injunction of our heartbeat law that was passed in 2018.  The voice of Iowans is reflected by their legislators they voted into office.  These are the laws in Iowa and we should be enforcing them to the full extent possible.  

Roe v. Wade is no longer the law of the land and most Iowans do not support abortion.  Abortion hurts women and research has shown the emotional, physical and psychological damaged caused by it.

Further, to propose taxpayers fund city employee’s travel to have abortion is absurd.  It is an outrage to consider forcing citizens to fund a procedure that the majority of Iowans find morally reprehensible.”  

Pulse Board President, Tom Quiner’s remarks

Tom Quiner, Board President

“I’m a proud, lifelong resident of Des Moines, a graduate of Roosevelt high school and Drake University.

I’m especially appreciative of the Renaissance I’ve witnessed over the past two years in Des Moines under the guidance of our City Council.

This abortion proposal is a great way to stop all of this great progress in its tracks. Talk about a perfect way to divide our city and pit people against each other.

A whole bunch of people in this town oppose abortion of any sort. But even citizens who believe there’s a case to made for some early term abortions agree that no one should be forced to pay for abortion with their taxes.

But I think the worst thing about this proposal is the way it insults our intelligence by basically saying it complies with state and federal law at the same time it demands that the city ignore these laws.

Des Moines deserves better than this. And I think a majority of the council understands this.

I thank each of you for your service to Des Moines and for allowing me to share my views.”

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