Pro-life liberals no longer have a home

Dan Lipinski

[Dan Lipinski, a Democrat, representing Illinois’s Third Congressional District was one of the few remaining pro-life Democrats in Congress. He lost his primary election to a pro-abortion candidate. Here is an excerpt from his piece in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.]

Politico’s Shia Kapos posed this question:

“There are some pro-life Democrats, like Tim Kaine, who have found a way to come to terms with the fact that they do not believe in abortion but they also support a woman’s right to choose, so they have been able to kind of maneuver—there isn’t just black and white, there is some flexibility. Did Tim Kaine ever talk to you about that?”

I replied that if you believe life exists in the womb, you have to support policies that protect that life.

The Democratic Party prides itself on being the party of inclusion. Even with a pro-choice plank in the platform, we could concede that there’s a diversity of opinion on the issue, as we once did. That would make sense, since one-third of Democratic voters describe themselves as pro-life, and almost 6 in 10 support some abortion restrictions. But rather than acknowledging these voters’ viewpoint, party leaders and presidential candidates refuse to tolerate anyone who doesn’t support abortion on demand at any time, paid for by taxpayers.

The Democratic Party asserts that its highest priority right now is to defeat President Trump. The party’s treatment of pro-life voters belies that claim.

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