Claiming the Promise of Life in America 


race suicide

Catherine Davis

In 1945, Julian Lewis, the first Black professor at the University of Chicago wrote about taking  birth control as a measure of equality with Caucasians. His essay showcased what he  considered a treasure of the Black community – their “precocious fertility” that resulted in a  what he called biologic victory. The enslaved survived and overcame their bondage and tripled their presence in the nation into which they had been imported. He called birth control race suicide. 

“Precocious fertility”

Before his essay that encouraged Blacks to avoid birth control, Planned Parenthood (then called  the American Birth Control League), launched the Negro Project in recognition of that  “precocious fertility”, resulting in a bullseye being placed on the backs of Black women of child  bearing age. Since 1939, they have marshaled their resources to control the Black birth rate,  targeting those their founder called weeds in America’s garden. 

Planned Parenthood confesses

Twenty- twenty was more than a year of isolation and death created by the Covid-19 scare. It  was also the year Planned Parenthood acknowledged and revealed their eugenic roots and the  reproductive harm they have caused. They went so far as to use terms such as white  supremacy, ableist and racist ideals, and white systems of oppression in describing the  organization’s participation in the culture they created to coerce Black women into their birth  control and abortion facilities. 

Even as they were confessing their discriminatory behavior, they were not turning from it.  Instead, they were writing a list of demands to be implemented day one, by what they hoped  would be a new administration after the election. Unlike previous presidential election years,  they did not take care to disguise their population control mission in terms of reproductive justice, and healthcare. They made demands that included giving American taxpayer dollars to  international organizations including those whose mission is population control. They made  clear they wanted removal of any and all regulations and laws that restricted abortion in any  way including removal of the Hyde, Helms, Weldon, Siljander and Kemp-Kasten Amendments – all amendments that prohibited use of American taxpayer funds in lobbying or supporting abortion in America and abroad. 

No more cloak of secrecy

Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry have abandoned the cloak of secrecy  in which they had shrouded their population control mission. Something in the culture shifted  allowing them to feel secure in openly revealing their intended victims are the children of Black  and other women of color. They have made it clear their blood lust for Black children has not  been filled by the more than twenty million Black lives lost to abortion since 1973.  

Race suicide

It is time for Blacks in America to heed the warning sounded by Julian Lewis seventy–six years  ago. It is race suicide to continue allowing Black women and their babies to be targeted. It is race suicide to continue allowing the abortion industry to define Black children as burdens. It is  race suicide to allow even one more Black child to die in one of the abortion chambers that dot Black neighborhoods. It is time for Blacks to claim the Declaration of Independence promise of  life, liberty and happiness in a land that has long denied them.


[Catherine Davis is the Founder and President of The Restoration Project. Thanks to her for permission to publish her essay during Black History Month. She often partners with the National Black Prolife Coalition, the Network of Politically Active Christians, and the Frederick Douglas Foundation in an ongoing effort to educate Americans about the issues that are impacting the Black community. 

Catherine, a public speaker and civil rights champion, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Tufts University who attended the University of Bridgeport School of Law.

Early in 2010, she partnered with The Radiance Foundation to launch one of the most news-generating Pro-Life campaigns ever, the “Endangered Species” billboard/web campaign. Catherine was featured in numerous TV, radio and newspaper features including The NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC World News, NPR and throughout the entire blogosphere. She believes in holding public officials accountable and legislatively chipping away at the practices and policies that are ravaging a free America.

A former candidate for Congress in Georgia’s fourth district, Catherine is focused on positive change through education, local/state involvement, and peaceful action.]