Iowa Senate passes the Protect Life Amendment

Protect Life AmendmentAs expected, the Iowa Senate passed the Protect Life Amendment along party lines in a 32 to 18 vote. IFL Executive Director, was on hand and was interviewed on WOI television, which you can watch here.

The amendment, if passed in two consecutive legislative sessions, and approved by a vote of the people, would undo an Iowa Supreme Court ruling which discovered a “fundamental right to an abortion” hidden in the recesses of the Iowa Constitution.

The Protect Life Amendment doesn’t ban abortion, it simply makes the Iowa Constitution abortion-neutral and returns the power to the people to regulate human abortion.

Senator Jake Chapman said:

Protect Life Amendment

Senator Jake Chapman addresses the Senate

“Because the courts made this new fundamental right, heaven forbid Republicans are taking the right away. No, we’re restoring the right of the people to govern themselves. Not un-elected judges.”

For the second day in a row, the Des Moines Register published a misleading and biased online headline:

“Anti-abortion constitutional amendment advances in Iowa.”

As state before, the amendment simply makes the Iowa Constitution abortion-neutral.

The bill also passed the House Judiciary Committee. House Democrats have requested a public hearing before it is debated in the full House, which requires a five day notification.

Iowans for LIFE will let you know when that hearing is scheduled.