“Pro-lifers don’t care about the mother or child after she gives birth.” HOGWASH!

A young woman is standing outside a caravan in a trailer park with her baby in a wrap

Mary (not her real name) walked into a pro-life health clinic. She got a free ultrasound. She saw her baby on the screen, and decided not to abort her child.

Days passed. She had a change of heart and went to Planned Parenthood and paid them to abort her child.

A few more days passed and Mary deeply regretted her decision. Guess who she called for emotional support: Planned Parenthood or the pro-life health clinic?

You guessed it. She called InnerVisions HealthCare, also known as IVHCare, the unplanned pregnancy and STD medical clinic where she received her free ultrasound.

Iowans for LIFE are big supporters of IVHCare, because they are an authentic “women’s reproductive health clinic.” They have saved the lives of hundreds of babies by empowering women to make better health decisions when faced with unplanned pregnancies. IVHCare can provide the best facilities and medical equipment (probably brought through companies such as Global DSR or another similar service provider), along with expert doctors and additional assistance required by the patient.

The rest of the story …

There’s more to the story with Mary. IVHCare told her to come in and talk about regrets, which ran deep. They listened to her. They cared about her as a human being and determined that the emotional trauma caused by her abortion required professional psychological counseling they didn’t offer. So, do you know what they did? They referred her to a licensed psychologist and paid for her first six sessions.

We’re sharing this real story in response to the unrelenting attacks from abortion rights supporters who claim pro-lifers and pro-life health clinics don’t care about the baby after he or she is born.


A melting pot of organizations comprise the pro-life movement locally and nationally, each with their own unique mission. Missions certainly overlap in this movement since they embrace common themes, such as authentic empowerment of women, authentic reproductive healthcare, and protection for our pre-born brothers and sisters. Each can offer rich stories on how they’ve helped mother and child after the baby is born.

IVHCare is a classic example of an organization that helps babies AND their mothers after the child is born, not just before.

Executive Director, Theresa Welch, and Director of Development, Bryan Gonzalez, told us that 90% of their efforts focus on helping the mother. ‘Empowering women’ is their mantra.

More examples of helping mother and child after birth

They met with a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy who contemplated an abortion. She explained that if she had a baby, she couldn’t work and afford to pay for her tuition at DMACC. Innervisions offered her a scholarship to solve the problem.

Can you imagine Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider doing the same?

Innervisions has been known to help women find jobs after their baby was born.

Can you imagine Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider doing the same?

Another IVHCare patient called up and told them her father died and that she didn’t have a car or any way to attend his out of town funeral. They bought her bus fare.

Even more, they got IVHCare supporters to donate furniture for her apartment. They even rented a truck and got volunteers to load and unload it.

Abortion clinics just don’t do that kind of thing. They’re done with a woman after her check clears, until her next abortion, that is.

Relationships matter

pro-life health clinic

Free diaper bags for patients

IVHCare is all about relationship. And the relationship continues even long after when a client walks out the door. IVHCare follows up with three phone calls to see how she’s doing.

They offer one-on-one pre-natal education and vitamins to bolster a woman’s health during her pregnancy. When her baby is born, they call her up and invite her to come in to pick up a gift they have for her: a beautiful diaper bag stocked with diapers, footies, baby bottles and more.

They even offer free photo shoots for mom and baby.

IVHCare is but ONE pro-life organization helping mothers and babies AFTER the child is born.

Questions for abortion providers

In light of this remarkable, Christ-like outreach, it is certainly fair to ask:

    • What are abortion clinics doing to help women recover from the psychological and physical wounds inflicted by abortion, like IVHCare has?
    • How are abortion advocates helping women AFTER their babies are born, like IVHCare does?

You know the answer.

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