Help IFL fund dynamic, new pro life billboards to counter Planned Parenthood’s obscene campaign

Dear Iowans for LIFE Supporter:

I’m in Washington DC preparing for the March for Life, but I had to write to you immediately on an urgent matter. Planned Parenthood is flooding Iowa with dishonest billboards like this one …

and this:

pro life billboard campaign

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenifer Bowen

Their goal is to normalize abortion and to restore their dwindling abortion revenues.

Iowans for LIFE and our pro life allies have been wildly successful in educating young people on the dangers of human abortion. As a result, abortions have plummeted in recent years.

Planned Parenthood seduces vulnerable women with dishonest messaging

Planned Parenthood was forced to close twenty clinics between 2010 and 2017 as more young women chose life over human abortion. In an attempt to bolster “sales,” they have launched an aggressive, nationwide billboard campaign to seduce at-risk women into aborting inconvenient babies.

Their billboards are peppered throughout the state of Iowa, including Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, and Council Bluffs.

The billboard that defines human abortion as healthcare is simply obscene. We have created a billboard to rebut their falsehood with this simple statement:

pro life billboard campaign

Our campaign can go “live” only with your help

We can’t publish this billboard, and others we’re working on, without your financial support. I really believe you’re going to want to get behind this project as you learn what we have in mind. For example, here’s another billboard we’re working on:

pro life billboard campaign

And here’s another:

pro life billboard campaign

Support our pro life billboard campaign. Donate today.

Let’s face it, Planned Parenthood has deep pockets. Rich celebrities and liberal politicians support them. Taxpayers have been forced to fund their services (until our pro life coalition got the Iowa legislature to pull the plug last year!).

Get ready for a pro-life billboard blitz!

IFL has reached out to fellow members of our pro-life coalition to fight back with a substantial pro life billboard campaign throughout Iowa.

We’ve taken the lead in uniting our allies to pool our resources with riveting pro-life messaging.

How would you like to see this billboard exposed to tens of thousands at-risk women…

pro life billboard campaign

Or this…

pro life billboard campaign

Or this…

pro life billboard campaign

Support our pro life billboard campaign. Donate today.

These efforts work.

Iowans for LIFE is making a difference. But there’s not a day that goes by that we can let up. Big Abortion is tenacious. There’s big money to made in abortion factories. They are investing big time in a sprawling advertising campaign designed to regain the lost “business” we’re costing them.

Here’s what we need

So here’s where we’re at: We’ve got a half a dozen pro-life groups lining up to fund our own $50,000 campaign featuring the billboards above.

Iowans for LIFE has pledged $11,000 towards the project.  And we need to fundraise the money right now.  Planned Parenthood has a month head start on us.

We turn to you, a valued pro-life warrior, to fund this noble cause.  Specifically we ask you to financially support this billboard campaign with an immediate donation of $1000 … or $500 … or $100.

No contribution is too small (nor too large!). Seriously. The more people who donate, the lighter the load. IFL has taken the leadership role in galvanizing our pro life allies in every corner of Iowa to join forces.

Our share is $11,000.  Together, we can save lives.

Support our pro life billboard campaign. Donate today.

Our efforts work

We’ve used funds raised last summer to fund pro life curriculum in Catholic elementary and middle schools.

We’ve used funds raised at our October banquet and our year-end appeal to fund our Clash of Creeds project (more performances coming in late February!).

And now we’re moving at the speed of light to launch an ambitious pro-life billboard project.

We can do it. And it will make a HUGE difference in Des Moines and beyond. Human lives WILL be saved, I promise you. 

Iowans for LIFE needs your support today to raise the funds to counter the obscene messaging being imposed on our impressionable youth.

Thanks to you, we are winning. Life is winning. Please: support our billboard campaign today by donating today.

an issue of civil and human rightsYours for LIFE,

Maggie DeWitte


P.S.  Time is short. Go to our donate page here. Thank-you.