Governor Kim Reynolds accepts the IFL Life Advocate Award

By Maggie DeWitte

Many of you know that for the last few years we select an individual each year to receive the IFL Life Advocate Award.  This award expresses gratitude to those who lead and impact education and advocacy regarding the dignity of human life at all stages—from fertilization to natural death.

The recipient of this award is someone who makes a significant difference either immediately or over the long term in changing society in support of the full spectrum of life and in creating a culture of life.

It is my privilege to introduce a woman that has changed the lives of so many in the state of Iowa.  Her roots are in Iowa as a fifth-generation Iowan from a working-class family in St. Charles.  She started her career path as a waitress, and then a checker at Hy-Vee, onto the County Treasurer, State Senator, Lieutenant- Governor and now the Governor of our great state, and future Governor after the November elections. 

But even more important than her role as Governor, I would venture to guess, that she sees her most treasured roles as a wife of 36 years, a mother to three beautiful daughters, and grandmother to nine grandbabies!   

As the first female Governor in the state of Iowa, its only fitting that as a woman, she advocates fiercely for women and families.  What is so refreshing is that you never have to guess where she stands on the issue of life.  She is unapologetically pro-life and proud of it!  And, we are proud of her for taking that stand for life.

Tonight, we honor a true pro-life champion for the state of Iowa.  Although Governor Reynolds could not be with us tonight, she prepared a special video message for us all. 

[This was Maggie DeWitte’s introduction of Governor Reynolds at Iowans for LIFE’S 8th annual fundraising banquet on October 24th at Prairie Meadows.]