Abortion ethics 101


Should abortion be legal or illegal? Iowans for LIFE works hard to support pro-life legislation that reduces the incidence of human abortion. For today, though, let’s set aside the question. Instead, let’s take the emotion out of the subject and consider THE foundational abortion ethics question: Is ending the life of a human fetus moral?

Dennis Prager discusses the question dispassionately in the Prager University video above. To answer it, one must answer additional questions, such as:

• Does a human fetus have any values and any rights?

• Is it moral for a woman to end the life of a fetus in her womb?

• On what moral grounds does the mother alone decide a fetus’s worth?

• Society protects a person after they are born; why should that be different BEFORE the human being is born?

• Why should one person, the mother, determine if another person, a fetus, has the right to live?

• Can a good society survive if it calls immoral things ‘moral’?

Prager unpacks abortion ethics in five compact minutes. This is worth viewing, especially if you consider yourself more of a ‘pro-choice’ person instead of a ‘pro-life’ person.

Abortion laws become less relevant when abortion ethics are clarified and people stop aborting. Is ending the life of a human fetus moral? Please … watch the video.

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