The difference between pro-life and abortion advocates

By Tom Quiner

Have you ever prayed outside of Planned Parenthood? I have countless times over the years. I’ve noticed something: pro-life supporters are joyful. Abortion supporters are enraged. Abortion breeds anger.

Both groups use their hands to react. Abortion supporters raise their middle finger. (I mistakenly thought that they were saying that we were #1!) Pro-life supporters raise their thumb towards Heaven.

Both groups use their car horns to react. Abortion supporters angrily blast their horn and don’t let up: “BREEEEEEEET!!!!!!!” Pro-life supporters offer quick taps in rapid fire succession: “Beep, beep, beep!” (Note that they usually come in a sequence of three taps, which I firmly believe is a sign of the Holy Trinity).

Both groups use their vocal chords to react. Abortion supporters might communicate with the words, “GO TO HELL!!!!!!” Pro-life supporters tend to say, “God bless yoouuuu!!!”

A big difference: no abortion supporter has brought us Krispy Kreme donuts or hot chocolate from Frederichs when we’re praying in a cold rain, and no abortion supporter has pulled over and handed us a twenty dollar bill to support the cause.

We all have issues on which we disagree. Pro-lifers can certainly get worked up talking about the carnage of human abortion, but I just don’t see the unfettered rage that so animates the abortion movement.

The Irish experience

John McGuirk

John McGuirk eloquently captures the contrast between the two groups in a series of Tweets. Mr. McGuirk was the Communication Director for ‘Save the 8th,’ a leading pro-life group in Ireland, and as you know, Ireland just overwhelming voted to overturn legal protections for the pre-born. When abortion groups should be celebrating, they seem angrier than ever, says Mr. McGuirk:

Angry victors

“Rarely in my life have I seen people angrier about winning than the repealers. Cheer up folks, it’s not that bad. There’ll be something along shortly for you all to focus your never-ending anger on, I’m sure.

Today I went to Stonehall Wildlife Park in Limerick (which is brilliant – take your kids) and petted a parrot, and several rabbits and goats. I come home to another 2,000 tweets from the angriest, craziest people in Ireland. Your unhappiness will never be fixed by a vote, folks.

The problem is the 8th amendment was never what was making you angry in the first place. It’s not the schools or the hospitals, or the ban on euthanasia either. No social reform is going to make you people happy. You’re all looking in the wrong place.

Something is missing

The deep injustice many people feel, and the power to change the country that they now wield, is missing something – there’s no vision in it for how to make people feel happy. Once all the “oppression” is gone, they’ll have to confront the fact that their misery is their own.

It was never the journey that was lonely. It was never the country that was cruel. It was never the church that was oppressing you. The movement you are in won’t leave you fulfilled and happy. It will just leave you all angry in company.

In terms of the calls to silence me, or others – hah. You guys own the country now. You own the media, the political class, the culture. You can keep pretending that a minority voice is holding you back, or you can realise that it’s actually an oppression of your own making.

A symbolic victory?

One thing I kept hearing yesterday was that this was a “symbolic” victory. There are many more symbolic victories to be had – blasphemy, the role of women, the pre-amble. Lots more totems of the past to tear down. None of them will fix the problem.

Abortion leaves emptiness in its wake

The problem is that all of those victories are empty of meaning. Even this one. Having an abortion in Louth will not be more fun than having one in London. It remains an abortion. You’re not “free”. You’re just miserable, probably in greater numbers, closer to home.

The Irish liberal left has nothing to offer you whatsoever, beyond days like yesterday. A momentary feeling of togetherness. It can’t provide you with a good job, or a loving partner, or security. All it does is provide you with an enemy to hate.”

Thumbs up to Mr. McGuirk!

Beep, beep, beep!

“God bless yoouuuu!”

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