What is it?

By Tom Quiner

12 week fetus“What is this?”

I held in my hand a model of a 12 week old preborn human being, also known as a fetus, or also known as a “blob” of cells if you work for Planned Parenthood.

I was working a shift for Iowans for Life at the Iowa State Fair.

People poured by.

We engaged a generally friendly crowd on life issues. The focal point of our booth were the life sized models of the preborn at different stages of development, from 12 to 26 weeks.

Little kids loved the models. I made it a point to take the 12 week fetus and show it to kids who were four or five years old.

“What is this?” I would ask them.

The response EVERY time was, “A baby!”

Kids are smart

Something struck me. Either these kids are smarter than so-called ‘pro choice’ politicians, or simply more honest. Kids at that age are without guile. Pro choice politicians are defined by it.

The public policies they promote allow abortion. The public policies they oppose are those that attempt to regulate the brutal business of Big Abortion.

In a single year, abortion kills nearly a million of the little guys pictured above. They have no rights, because these politicians and the judges they appoint won’t allow it.

At the least, each human abortion affects three people:

  1. The baby, who is dead.
  2. The mother who has either made the decision to kill her child, or was coerced into doing it.
  3. The father, who sometimes is the one who pressured the mom to kill her child.

This doesn’t count siblings, grandparents, friends, and the entire community who have been deprived of the gifts of a unique human person.

How are parents affected? Many, perhaps most, experience life-eroding guilt. They know in their heart they killed their child to make their own lives more convenient.

What is love? Love is willing the good of the other, or in other words, to love your neighbor as yourself.

Human abortion kills the good in the other.

Love civilizes man and gives meaning to our lives.

Human abortion turns man into barbarians, stripping away any semblance of meaning to our existence.

Many of my friends on the Left maintain that there are issues other than human abortion that are just as important in this highly-charged political environment. No, there aren’t. None dehumanize the United States of America more than the issue that breeds death and contempt for human dignity.

The reality of human abortion is this: it makes man less dignified than an animal.

We’re so much better than that.

[This blogpost was published on August 14th, 2016, at www.QuinersDiner.com. Thanks to Tom Quiner for permission to republish it. The piece generated epic pushback. Check back tomorrow for an intense exchange between Mr. Quiner and his ‘fans’.]