Holy Family Webinar Project


Pulse Life Advocates has created a 4-part Holy Family video series, which we will broadcast as a webinar series starting in Lent.

We worked with Msgr. Frank Chiodo in developing the series, which is officially titled: THE HOLY FAMILY: the Soul Solution for a wounded world.

Each episode begins with a talk by Msgr. Chiodo.

Here’s a topic breakdown of each episode:

  1. Humane Vitae (Of Human Life), with special guest Bishop William Joensen.
  2. Fruitful Mothers, with special guest Bill Donaghy, senior lecturer for the Theology of the Body Institute.
  3. Fearless Children, with special guest Dr. Ray Guarendi, host of “The Doctor is In” radio show.
  4. Faithful Fathers, with special guest Joe Stopulos, host of the “Man-Up” radio show.

Why would Pulse Life Advocates, a pro-life group, take on such a project?

Because the incidence of abortion plummets in a holy family. Some 87% of abortions occur with unmarried women.

Abortion separates us from God. And yet, as Dr. Carrie Gress says:

“Our goal is to get home to heaven.”

Dr. Gress is co-author of “Theology of the Home” with Noelle Mering. Holy Families help us keep on the right path in our journey through life to our heavenly home. In fact, Gress and Mering tell us that family time actually gives us a foretaste of heaven:

“Homes can evangelize … Catholic living, with all its imperfections and struggles, its mercy and its joy, not to mention aesthetic and hospitable beauty and nourishing food, can be an intoxicating inducement to the reality that life is fuller, more secure, more exciting, and more fulfilling when lived in the context of the divine.”

The language of the home is universal

“To step inside this context is a foretaste of heaven, and sometime, mysteriously, the Christian home can be even more profound for a stranger than being inside a church. For in the liturgy he may not know the ‘language,’ but the language of the home is universal.”

Family life is in disarray, though, as fewer couples bother to marry. A quarter of adults are child-free by choice. The desire to have children since the pandemic hit last year has declined by 17% according to the Institute of Family Studies.

The Holy Family Project makes the case for marriage and family. Three of the four episodes are completed. And the final one on fatherhood is being edited. Pulse plans to launch the webinar series in early 2022.

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Holy Family Webinar Series