The Womb, God’s Envisioned Safe Haven for the Most Precious Unborn


Although I am not sure of the source of this prayer, I have prayed it daily for over a year:

Prayer for the Unborn

Eternal Father, we pray that we may

hear the cries of the unborn in our hearts.

That we may see in the eyes of every child,

their brothers and sisters in Christ, those whose

eyes have never been gazed upon , the unborn.


May the womb, which God envisioned to

protect the most precious, fragile life,

once again become a safe haven for the life

which God has entrusted to it. And may

no human take away that which God has created.


We pray for all involved in the abortion

process that through God’s grace and mercy,

they will turn to Him for guidance and repentance.


And we pray that the Holy Spirit be our voice of God’s

truth, guiding us closer to that which God has called

upon us to complete. In his Holy Name we pray. Amen

Pain. Guilt. Shame.

Lois Brookhart

Lois Brookhart

It is the first two verses that really spoke to my heart. You see, I am a 75 year old, Catholic Black American widow, mother of five children, and almost 25 grandchildren (expecting number 25 in early May) and 5 great-grandchildren. I also have 7 stepchildren, and I am guessing close to 70+ step grand and great children. Some of whom I have never met.

Of my biological grandchildren, I know for certain that two were killed in their mothers wombs. Two of my teen children had abortions, and I approved those abortions. My medical insurance paid for the procedures. In one case the procedure took place at Planned Parenthood and the other in a local hospital.

I recall the pain of the guilt and shame I experienced after allowing this to happen to my children, especially when I considered that I had never had an abortion after giving birth to six unplanned pregnancies. The fifth one I gave up for adoption. I confessed and repented of my sin, and begged Gods mercy, forgiveness, and guidance. You see, once upon a time, I believed that my body was my own, and no man could tell me what I could do with it.

An unwanted pregnancy

In the days before Roe vs Wade, Planned Parenthood Clinics were not readily at my disposal. As a teenager I discovered to my horror that I was once again pregnant. ” It was November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I sought a certified physician who allegedly did abortions. Since I had no money and because his daughter was a personal friend and schoolmate, I naively thought he might sympathize with my situation, and perhaps consider doing the abortion on a payment plan. But God had a much different plan for me. That doctor flat turned down my request. Later, in my journey, I would discover that this rejection was actually a blessing, and part of God’s plan for me. At the time, however, I could not see it. His light had not yet fully fallen on me.

My Heavenly Father did not want me to take the life in my womb which he had, Envisioned as a safe haven for this precious, fragile child.” Praise God, he instead entrusted to my care another beautiful precious life, a boy.  A few years later, I found myself pregnant with not only a fourth, but a fifth, unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. On the fifth, God showed me the light to choose adoption for this life, and I obeyed.

God’s open arms

Abandoned by my biological father at the age of 5, and sexually abused by men starting at about the age of 9. My attempts to find a father figure led to promiscuous sexual behavior with older men. My life was going nowhere. Collecting welfare and nearly completely consumed by a victim mentality and low self-worth, God began to fall on me with open arms, revealing his plan for me.

Having been a high school drop- out, he put it on my heart to get my GED, and then go to college. I entered a Junior college, in the Fall semester, and was an expectant mother. I missed a week of school after giving birth to my fifth child, a beautiful baby girl, whom I called Theresa Camille.  I did not get to see her. She was whisked away to her adoptive parents. To date of have never met her.


Ultimately, I graduated from Junior College, and the following school year enrolled at Drake University for my final two years of college. I graduated Drake with honors, and went on to attend Graduate School. After several years of struggling to write my Masters Thesis, on Racism, I quit. I got a job with a large auto insurance company, and was on my way to success. However, during those years at Drake, I met the love of my life, Jim we too had a son. He was unplanned, but a wanted pregnancy.

Jim and I were ultimately married when our son was 5 years old. Our beautiful precious child is now the father 9 children, and he and his wife are expecting their 10th child in May. They celebrate the lives of their children every year on each of the birthdays, in a very special way. It is a joy to behold. They homeschool all but one, and they are grandparent to a beautiful 1 1/2 year old girl, and a beautiful 10 month old boy.

Called back to the Church

In the late 1980s, the Lord called me back to his Church, after having been away for over 20 years.

Slowly he revealed to me his teachings regarding the unborn. With further research and study I learned how Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, “… to reduce deplorable” elements of our society.” Realizing those deplorable elements were people like me, my children and grandchildren, my people. Gods light has led me to expose and testify to the evil of Planned Parenthood and any and all those who support them.

Now through legislation, they want to force taxpayers to pick up the bill for all those unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, falsely calling it “Women’s Health Services.” Or “A Woman’s Right to Choose”.

I say, “May no human take away that which God has created.”

Given that charge, and through the gift of the Holy Spirit which has shed his light upon me, may I continue to be,

“…a voice of Gods truth, guiding me closer to that which God has called upon me to complete.”

In His Holy name I pray. Amen.

My amazing family

My first born graduated college and works for a major utility company. She has 3 beautiful children. Her youngest graduated two years ago from Simpson College as a music major and has a beautiful voice and married last Fall.

My second born, a son, is the director of people at a video game publisher on the West coast. He is single and lives on the East Coast.

My third born, also a son, is married, has 7 children, and is a small business owner.  Two of his children graduated from West Point. One son is a helicopter medivac pilot now stationed in Korea. His is younger sister, is a paratrooper, but now recruits for West Point in New York.

My fourth born, is mother of four sons, and is a Chef and Manager of a large retirement Home. She has one 9 year old granddaughter.

My fifth born I have never met. My prayer is that she is well, has had a good life, and that someday we will be reunited.

My sixth born, I have already mentioned is married, and the father of nine, expecting his tenth, and grandfather of two.

Given my life journey you can see my precious family could not or would not exist had I followed the way of Margaret Sanger and her instrument of death, Planned Parenthood, to reduce the black deplorableelements.

[Lois Brookhart is founder and co-owner of Divine Treasures Catholic Book Store. Divine Treasures has been loyal supporters of Iowans for LIFE and the pro-life cause. IFL encourages you to buy local when you shop for religious books and gifts! Thanks to Lois for sharing her amazing story.]