How to reframe the abortion debate

abortion debateThe pro-life argument is an overwhelmingly winning position for pro-life candidates. We wrote an entire blogpost which makes the case. The key: you have to stay on offense. Playing rope-a-dope (as Mohammad Ali did against George Foreman) won’t work in this arena.

Do NOT let the abortion candidate set the terms of the debate. YOU set the terms.

So read this if you are a pro-life political candidate. In the weeks to come, this blog will look at a number of scenarios you WILL face. Here’s one example.

When the abortion candidate says …

“Polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly support legalized abortion.”

… you should say:

“Yes, by all means, let’s take a closer look at the polls.

The Marist Poll asks questions with a high level of precision and detail.

It consistently shows that 3 out of 4 Americans oppose 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions.

Pew Research tells us that 79% of all voters DO want abortion regulated in some fashion, including 61% of rank and file Democrats.

And yet the entire leadership of the Democratic not only opposes a single curb on abortion, they even call for barbaric late term abortions which voters overwhelmingly oppose.

They call for taxpayer funded abortions, which the public overwhelmingly opposes.

And they call for the elimination of conscience protections for Catholic doctors, nurses, and hospitals (who view abortion as abhorrent and sinful), which the public also overwhelmingly opposes.

I believe that abortion ends a human life.

Until my opponent can prove to me and the American people, including Democratic voters, that the living being in the womb is not a human being, I will continue to stand up for the little guy and his human rights.”

[How do you convince people that abortion is the wrong answer? Education. Support Pulse’s pro-life educational outreach with your gift today.]

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