Top 10 blogposts of 2022

top 10 blogposts of 2022Pulse Life Advocates published 81 blogposts in 2022. Some were news, political, and legislative updates; some were cultural commentary; some were prayer. All are connected by Pulse’s mission to promote life from fertilization to natural death.

Here are the top 10 blogposts for 2022, accompanied by an excerpt from the piece and a link for you to read the entire piece.

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Pulse Responds to a Critic

You contradict yourself. You don’t actually believe in the right and dignity of a girl or woman at any stage of her development if you allow another person to kill her in the womb, even if she is a zygote. And even at that young age, she contains the same 46 unique chromosomes she’ll have at age 5 or 95. She has the entire genetic blueprint of a new individual at that young age. Her chromosomes contain tightly packed, coiled molecules at fertilization with the detailed instructions for her to develop into an adult … unless she is killed in the womb by human abortion.


The Case for Marriage Grows

The media is noticing. The Wall Street Journal ran yet another piece touting the case for marriage. They reported on the mystifying tendency of married couples to become wealthier than their non-married counterparts in a November 7th piece (“Moving in Together Doesn’t Match the Financial Benefits of Marriage, but Why?”).


Abortion Politicians Set Their Sights on Catholic Hospitals

Although they assist in a half a million births a year and provide extensive pre and post natal services, they don’t provide abortions. Which is a problem to abortion activists, like Jill Filipovic. She’d rather see Catholic hospitals shut down if they refuse to provide abortions:


They Are Not the Enemy

Various polls affirm that 7 out of 10 Americans support limits on abortion. In fact, President Biden supported limits on abortion at one point in his career, asserting that the Supreme Court had gone “too far” on abortion with the Roe v Wade decision.


Fr. Martin accuses pro-lifers of grumbling

“Fr. James Martin claims that support for the death penalty is the moral equivalent as support for abortion. [Abortion and the Grumbling Crowd, July 21st.] Let’s contrast the issues: 

Some 800,000 innocent unborn American were ‘executed’ (aborted) for the crime of being inconvenient last year in contrast to the 11 criminals who were executed for the crime of murder. 

There is no moral equivalency between human abortion and the death penalty.”


“Who is My Neighbor?”

“The answer, of course, is nobody isn’t your neighbor: not Jews, not Samaritans, not Democrats, not Republicans, not blacks, not whites, not South Koreans, not North Koreans, not Red Sox fans, not even Yankee fans. Your neighbor is everyone — not “everyone” in general but each one in particular, one by one:  every person God brings into your life in any way, even heretics like the Samaritans.”

And even the unborn.


Roe Dies on the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Pope further explains that from the Heart of Jesus flows a deeper understanding and experience of his His divine love.

Abortion is the antithesis of Christ’s love.

Love is sacrificial, which is why Christ allowed His Sacred Heart to be pierced by his oppressors, so that He could save us all.

Abortion is selfish, as it pierces the hearts of its innocent victims to the detriment of us all.


Is Western Civilization Worth Saving?

Saint Mother Teresa posed a provocative question: “… if a mother can kill her own unborn baby, what is left of Western civilization to save?”

There’s no question that Western civilization is under attack.

‘Western Civ’ is a decreasingly required course in institutions of higher learning. And when it is taught, curriculum tends to focus on its negatives rather than its staggering achievements.

The progressive Left calls for a dismantling of the structures and values of Western civilization.

Rank and file citizens of the West display increasing apathy towards the rich heritage bestowed upon them by the superior values of Western Civilization.

So before answering St. Mother Teresa’s challenging question, we should ask, “what defines Western civilization?”


The Depopulation Bomb

Sadly, the overpopulation myth is having a devastating impact on our culture. Erhlich claimed that the earth didn’t offer enough resources to accommodate the planet’s population. When that claim was proven false, a new breed of alarmists came on the scene and said that our growing population was heating up the earth and unnaturally changing the planet’s climate.


Top Ten Religious Movies For Lent

[This is consistently one of our most popular annual blogs, updated every Lent.]

Lent has started. What a perfect time to enjoy a good religious movie. At some time or other in your life, probably during your Lenten fast, you have asked yourself the question, “what is the meaning of life?” And the answer is, that life has meaning. That meaning comes from being adopted sons and daughters of God. That meaning comes from the unique mission our Creator gives to each of us as members of His Kingdom.

A good religious movie helps us appreciate the profound meaning of our lives as it ultimately draws us nearer to Christ. It reveals the Truth, with a capital T. If you have not had the good fortune of watching any of these films yet, then you may want to see what your Cable TV package has available and where you could watch these with the family. There is a source here that discusses the statistics of people who watch TV and what they are looking at, so maybe you’ll be able to find a package that leans towards more religious teachings that can help you with your journey.

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