Legislative Update: Contact your representative in support of the MOMS Bill


State Capitol Building, Iowa

More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) bill, SF 2381 would help ensure that every new and expecting woman in Iowa has access to meaningful assistance and support when she needs it most through life-affirming pregnancy resource centers. We believe this bill will not only support healthier mothers and children, but it will help our state reduce abortions! A subcommittee meeting was held in the House this morning.  Please contact your representatives and encourage them to pass the MOMS bill before session ends!

House File 2372 passed the Senate unanimously on April 19 and will go to the governor. Pulse supported the bill. It’s already against the law to force a woman to terminate her pregnancy without her consent. However, a 2017 Court of Appeals decision said that it must be proven that a woman was pregnant at the time of the crime (which is sometimes difficult to do after the fact). HF 2372 closes a loophole by adding that it is a felony to “attempt” to intentionally terminate a woman’s pregnancy.

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