Maggie DeWitte testifies at the public hearing for the Protect Life Amendment

Protect Life Amendment public hearingI’m Maggie DeWitte of Iowans for LIFE, and chairwoman of the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.

Today, you’re going to hear a lot about abortion, and the organizations I speak for make it very clear where we stand on the sanctity of human life. That little child in her mother’s womb – she’s a baby, and she deserves to be protected.

Broader than the abortion debate

But the Protect Life Amendment is broader than the abortion debate. It’s important that our legislators – and the public – understand what this amendment is about.

First, this amendment does not ban any abortions. It doesn’t change any abortion laws. And if it “takes us back” to anywhere, it’s only to 2018, when 5 unelected judges on the Iowa Supreme Court tried to do an end-run around the Iowa people. They tried to end the abortion debate by arbitrary judicial decree, adding a supposed “right” to our constitution without a vote of We the People.

Unelected judges rewrote the Constitution

This time, unelected judges rewrote the Constitution on abortion. But if we cede to them this power, what’s to stop them from rewriting our speech rights, second amendment rights, or any other rights the judges decide to add or subtract? If We the People – regardless of where we stand on abortion – don’t defend our right to amend the constitution ourselves, if we allow 5 unelected judges to rule over us AND the constitution, why meet in this building at all? Those concerned by the possibility of having their second amendment rights to bear arms overturned should stand up and voice the fact that they are not going to lie down and allow this cornerstone of American liberty to be bulldozed too. What can gun owners do other than continue to prove that they’re responsible and law-abiding citizens with a deep knowledge of the firearms in their possession? After all, if you take them out of such people’s hands, it’ll be the criminals who are the only ones left armed with guns. If you believe that you should be able to protect yourself and others in public then you may well want to get a concealed carry permit; check out this link for more details – These are strange times for our constitution, but we still have rights so, if you desire such a permit, you should look into it.

Contrary to what you may hear in testimony today, the judges of the Supreme Court are NOT the supreme rulers of Iowa. Even the judges serve a constitution, one that may only be re-written by We the People. And We the People did NOT add a “right” to abortions, nor do we want to be forced to pay for them. And that is, after all, what the Protect Life Amendment actually says. Thank you.