Maggie DeWitte testifies at the State Capitol

Maggie DeWitte testifies at the State CapitolMy name is Maggie DeWitte and I am the Executive Director of Iowans for LIFE and the spokesman for the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.  I am speaking to you this morning in strong support for SJR 21.

I believe the people of Iowa and NOT unelected judges of the State Supreme Court should decide how Iowa regulates abortion.  These radical judges took the rights away from ALL Iowans and thereby preventing commonsense protections for women and children.  What these judges did was even more extreme than Roe v. Wade.  And Iowa isn’t alone in trying to pass an amendment to the constitution; four other states (Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Rhode Island) have restored legislative authority.  Iowa needs to follow the example of these states and put creating law back into your hands- our elected legislators.

This amendment will simply restore our state constitution back to what it was; it will not prohibit abortion, but rather allow our elected representatives and the people of Iowa to make decisions regarding the health, safety and well being of its citizens. 

This is an amendment that should have bipartisan support; regardless of your party affiliation, no legislator would be in favor of the judicial branch taking away what we elected you to do- create law.  We need to send a strong message to these unelected judges that they cannot legislate from the bench.  It’s time to take back the rights of legislature and the rights of ‘We the People,’ by passing this amendment.  Thank you.

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