Pro life legislative win!

unborn personWe have some good legislative news for you. Thanks to the leadership of Senator Jake Chapman, the wording of a pending piece of legislation was changed from “human pregnancy” to “unborn person.”

Senate bill SF 523 makes the penalty for causing the “non consensual … death to an unborn person” the same as the penalty for causing the death of a “born” person. It passed the Senate with this new language included.

Iowans for LIFE applauds the clarity of this language and the morality of this bill.

Another critical piece of legislative business was delayed, unfortunately.

Life Amendment SJR 21 will not clear the April 5th funnel deadline. The Coalition of Pro Life Leaders, of which IFL is a member, know the language of the Amendment has to be perfect. It has to withstand the test of time.

The Coalition is at work refining this language. The delay won’t hurt as long as we get this key Amendment passed in either the 2019 OR 2020 session. With it’s passage, the people of Iowa will have the opportunity to vote it into our State Constitution, a vote we’re confident we’ll win!

Here’s what you can do: follow this blog for updates; stick close to your legislator; and pray.

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