Help us amend the State Constitution

By Maggie DeWitte

pro life amendment

Support this amendment to the Iowa Constitution

We need you to help us amend Iowa’s Constitution with a pro life amendment.

Iowans for LIFE is working with the Iowa Pro Life Coalition to prevent the Hawkeye state from being turned into a New York where human abortion is devoid of regulation.

Five unelected Iowa Supreme Court justices have pretty much gutted the reasonable limits imposed on abortion by our democratically elected legislature.

The three day waiting period: gone.

The Heartbeat Bill: gone.

The Fetal Pain limitations: hanging on by a thread.

The judges must have read a different Constitution than the rest of us in discovering a “Constitutional” right to human abortion in it.

Here is the language to the pro life amendment

How do we fight back? By amending the Constitution with a pro life amendment, and it’s been done many, many times. We’re going to do it again with this Amendment (S.J.R. 9):

“No right to abortion or required funding of abortion: The Constitution of the State of Iowa does not secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.”

How can you help? If you’re available, join us tomorrow for the subcommittee hearing in room 315 in the Iowa Capitol. The hearing begins at noon, so arrive by 11:30AM to get a seat.

Five unelected judges essentially amended our State Constitution by judicial fiat. Let’s undo the damage beginning tomorrow with our own pro life amendment.

This is the first step. The Amendment language must be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions before the people of Iowa get to vote on it.

If you can’t make it, pray hard for the success of this effort.

[Iowans for LIFE is hard at work on multiple fronts. We are launching a billboard campaign once we get enough financial support. Can you help? DONATE today! Thank-you.]