The Heartbeat Bill needs your help today

State Capitol Building, Iowa

You can help stop human abortion at the point when the baby in the womb has a heartbeat.

The Heartbeat Bill passed the Iowa Senate two weeks in a rare show of unanimity among Iowa Republicans in support of this pro life legislation.

Democrats, too, were united in their opposition to protecting the fetus at the first indication of a heartbeat.

The fate of the bill rests with House Republicans, who are caucasing right now. A similar bill passed in Arkansas was thrown out by the courts in 2013. That bill mandated an invasive ultrasound on a woman to determine if the baby had a heartbeat.

The Iowa bill doesn’t.

It simply requires a standard, non-invasive, ultrasound that an abortion clinic is going to perform anyway, a marked departure from the Arkansas bill.

Contact your Representative in the Iowa House now to indicate your support for the Heartbeat Bill:

And keep praying.


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