IFL Executive Director, Maggie Dewitte, testifies before Senate subcommittee

[Here is a transcript of Maggie Dewitte’s remarks before an Iowa Senate subcommittee in support of the proposed “Heartbeat Bill” legislation:]

When death is determined

In Iowa, death is determined when an individual has sustained irreversible cessation of circulatory or respiratory functions.  In other words, the heart stops beating.  It is not hard then, to draw the logical conclusion that when there is a heartbeat, the person is alive.

When heartbeats begin

According to Embryology textbooks, the human heart is the earliest functioning organ beginning at 4 weeks in utero.

In Planned Parenthood’s explanation of D & E abortions (Dilation & Evacuation), “In later second-trimester procedures, you may also need a shot through your abdomen to make sure the fetus’s heart stops before the procedure begins.”

Planned Parenthood fears live births

Though Planned Parenthood does not give an explanation as to the reason to stop the heart, the Orlando’s Women’s Center website, provides the reason:  it assures nearly 100% that there will be no evidence of a live birth when the delivery takes place.

When organizations who perform abortion stipulate the need to stop the heart, are they not in fact acknowledging the child in the womb is in fact alive?  And if alive, does that child not deserve the protections all human beings deserve?

Protect human life

On behalf of the coalition of pro-life leaders, I urge passage of this bill to protect the most vulnerable of our society.

[The Heartbeat Bill needs YOUR help this Monday. Can you attend a crucial hearing Senate subcommittee hearing Monday, February 12th, 5PM, in room 116? Planned Parenthood will be out in force. Pro life proponents need to show their support.]